BOE Approved 6/21/16

With an intentional focus on putting students first, the WHRHS District will provide the resources, technology, and organizational change to achieve the following goals:

GOAL 1: Create and expand programs and services that enhance the social and emotional wellness of all students within a compassionate learning community.

Performance Indicators
  1.  WHRHS community will increase their awareness of the importance of social emotional wellness for student growth and development through a comprehensive wellness initiative.
  2. Students will be able to access wellness information through curriculum, presentations,presentations, programs, technology, and counseling/health services.
  3. Two to four times per year, the Wellness Committee will facilitate a district-wide Healthy Edge Program focused on stress reduction, school spirit, and service.
  4. WHRHS will establish a district-wide Diversity Committee to examine and address issues regarding acceptance, respect, and support throughout the school community and beyond.

GOAL 2: Build and strengthen support structures that engage students in developing their individual potential, enable 

students to experience success in high school, and empower students to plan and prepare for post-secondary learning.

Performance Indicators
  1. Ensure that WHRHS provides students with the most suitable academic placements and pathways, articulately communicates students' academic achievement through the grading structure, and teaches students to make informed decisions about their opportunities so that they can engage fully in the college and post-secondary planning process.
  2. Strengthen, create, and develop resources and tools and improve communication between counselors, teachers, students, and parents on post-secondary planning while staying focused on learning and managing the stress that arises in this process.

GOAL 3: Integrate creative, innovative, and interdisciplinary learning throughout the district to empower and inspire students to succeed in a changing global community.

Performance Indicators 

  1. Develop and implement a set of Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLR) which reflect the educational values and high expectations of this learning community for all WHRHS graduates.
  2. Increase opportunities for cross-curricular learning through creative reallocation of time and purpose within our school schedule and physical plant.
  3. Enhance STEAM-related course offerings.  Expand innovative opportunities for student learning within and beyond the classroom.
  4. Expand our definition of cross-curricular learning to incorporate critical, connected thinking and assess using multiple indicators which may include:  GPA,  live performance, ethical conduct, community service, career exploration.