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Planned Absences

Planned Absences

Parents are discouraged from removing children from school for vacation purposes as such planned absences are not excused and these absences will count toward the total number of unexcused absences.  (Please refer to "loss of credit" guidelines). 

1.      A planned absence of more than 3 days requires that the student pick up a “planned absence” form from the attendance office.

2.      This form must be initialed by the student’s teachers, signed by the parent/guardian/attendance administrator, and returned to the attendance office at least three days in advance.

3.      The student will be responsible for all material that is missed.

4.      The responsibility of the school shall be limited to giving assignments for work covered.  Teachers shall not be asked to give additional time to explain work covered during time of absence.

5.      All end-of-year requests must be made before June 1.

Planned Absences During Exams

Students may be allowed to reschedule final exams only under extenuating circumstances. A written request must be submitted for consideration to Mr. MacConnell’s office at least one month prior to the scheduled examination.  Students and parents/guardians should be aware that exams may need to be completed after school has ended.  Students are not excused from exams if going on vacation during exam time.