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Early Dismissals

Any student who wishes to be excused from school before 2:15 pm must present a written note from the parent/guardian to the attendance office one day in advance.  The note must include a verification telephone number and reason for the early dismissal.  This includes students who drive.  A phone call will be placed home confirming that the student will be leaving school. A person from the attendance office must make contact with a parent/guardian to confirm an early dismissal for a student driving themselves.  If contact is not made, the student will not be permitted to leave school.

  •  A student who fails to sign out from the attendance office will be disciplined for insubordination.
  •  A parent/guardian must come into the attendance office to sign their child out.
  • Students are not permitted to leave school during lunch (10:30-11:15 am), even with parental permission, unless the student provides a parent note requesting an early dismissal at lunch for medical reasons.  The student must bring a note to the attendance office before 7:30 am. The student must present a doctor’s note upon his/her return.
  • Anyone other than the parent/guardian signing a child out must be listed on the early note with contact information.  The parent will be contacted to confirm.
  • All students must report to the attendance office for an early dismissal pass.
  • Students that all ill must leave through the nurse's office.
  • There are no early dismissals during final exams or for the semi-formal.
Please be aware that we are unable to call a student out of class after 1:50 pm if the early dismissal was not arranged in advance.