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Students are required to attend all assigned activities including classes, study hall, and detention. Unless a student is legitimately absent from school or has had the prior approval of a teacher or administrator to be out of an assigned area, a student who is not in attendance will be marked as cutting. A student who is more than 10 minutes late to a class without a pass (other than the first class of the day), will be assigned a cut for that class. Administrators will assign the student 7 points with the appropriate penalty for each offense. Cuts are considered serious violations. Students who lose credit due to cutting class will not be afforded the opportunity to participate in the appeals process. Any assignment, quiz, or test will receive a grade of zero if a class is cut.

Cutting Physical Education/Health
In Physical Education and in Health the student loses credit upon the 2nd cut.

Cutting Same Class (semester)

    a.       1st and 2nd cut:  Administrator assigns the student 7 points for each infraction with the appropriate penalty.  Parent/guardian will be notified by letter.

    b.   3rd cut:  7 points assigned.  Student conference with the administrator to determine the status of the student.  Loss of all credit for the course with no                 option to audit.  Notice will be sent to parent/guardian.   

Cutting Same Class (year course)
    a. 1st and 2nd cut: Administrator assigns the student 7 points for each infraction with the appropriate penalty. Parent/guardian will be notified by letter.
    b. 3rd cut: Administrator will assign the student 7 points. Penalties from the Personal Assessment System will be applied. The student is placed on academic         probation for that class.
    c. 4th cut: Student conference with administrator to determine status of student. 7 points assigned and student will lose credit for the course with the option            to audit. Notification will be sent to parent/guardian.