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Appealing Loss of Credit

A student who has lost credit in a course due to excessive absences, may appeal the decision to an Appeal committee based on the following procedures:

  • Upon loss of credit, the student must continue to attend and  complete all assignments for the course
  • Student will petition, in writing, prior to January 25, for first semester courses and June 1 for second semester and full year courses for consideration of credit restoration.
  • The student will  need to submit, in writing, why they believe credit should be restored.  The main consideration for restoration of credit will be the student's attendance record from the date in which credit was lost.  Other factors that may be taken into account include the student's grade in class, the student's discipline record, and the reason for the excessive absences.
  • The Appeals Committee will decide to restore credit or uphold the loss of credit.
  • If credit is restored, the earned number grade will replace the no credit (NC) on the student's transcript.
  • If the loss of credit is upheld, the student may appeal to the Principal within 5 days of the decision.
               a. If credit is lost, no credit (NC) will appear on the student's transcript.  
               b. Underclassmen who lose credit in a course may be required to take the course the following year or take the course on-line*   
               c. Seniors who lose credit in a course may need to return to school the following year to complete the course or take it on-line* before they can                              graduate.
*Any courses taken on-line or for credit recovery courses not taken at Watchung Hills are at no expense to the school.