Display of Public Images

The Watchung Hills Regional High School Board of Education often strives to include staff and students in a number of meaningful media-based activities. “Personally identifiable” information about a student may not be placed on the district’s website without prior written consent from the student’s parent/guardian.  “Personally identifiable information” means student names, student photos, student addresses, student e-mail addresses, student phone numbers, locations, and time of class trips.  A consent form will be sent home for parent/guardian approval. 

However, it is possible that photographic images of our students may find their way into newspapers, television, etc.  These images will be “public” images; that is, photographs or images taken when in public places at school. Unless students or their parents/guardians have objections to photographic images being displayed in such media, the images will be displayed as appropriate by the district.  If students or their parents/guardians have any objections to the potential display of such images in the media, kindly contact the high school Main Office for referral to the designated administrator.