Homework is an important aspect of a student's overall academic experience. For homework to be meaningful there must be a direct correlation between a student and classroom studies.  Homework should always have a purpose and help advance student learning.  

District-Wide Homework/Grading Practices
  • For each day a student is absent, a student has two calendar days to make up work.
  • A zero will be entered in Genesis for a missing assignment.  The teacher may indicate work needs to be made up in the notes tab in the grade book.
  • Homework will count 5-20% of each marking period grade.  Departments have established specific guidelines regarding homework and grading practices. Please refer to department webpages for that information.
  • Daily homework shall be communicated electronically by email blast, web site posting, etc., no later than 2:40 pm
All requests for homework due to extended illness, please contact the student's guidance counselor.