Home Instruction

The Board of Education shall provide instructional services to an enrolled student whether a general education student grade nine through grade twelve or special education student up to age twenty-one, when the student is confined to the home or another out-of-school setting due to a temporary or chronic health condition or a need for treatment that precludes participation in their usual education setting, whether general education or special education.

Home instruction is designed to assist students who are unable to attend school because of temporary or chronic health conditions or have a need for treatment that precludes participation in their usual education setting. Instructors will be provided when the school physician provides documentation detailing reasons for home instruction and the estimated length of time the student will be unable to attend school.  A request for home instruction will be governed by the following guidelines: (R 2412-Home Instruction due to health conditions)

A.  Request for Home Instruction due to a Temporary or Chronic Health Condition

        1. A parent/guardian must contact the principal’s office and provide documentation from a physician detailing the reasons for home instruction and the                 estimated length of time the student will be unable to attend school.

         2. The school's physician will either verify the need for home instruction or provide reasons for denial. The school will notify the parent/guardian of the              school physician's decision within five school days after receipt of the medical note from the student’s physician.

B.  School Responsibility

        1.  If home instruction is approved, the Home Instruction Coordinator will provide the parent/guardian with the names and contact information of the                     instructors. The parent/guardian will contact the instructors to make arrangements that are convenient for the parent/guardian, student, and instructor.              If online instruction will be used, the Home Instruction Coordinator will coordinate instruction with the online provider.

        2.  The Home Instruction Coordinator will monitor and coordinate the collection of assignments and communicate with the parent/guardian, student,                     teacher, and instructor while the student remains on home instruction.

        3.  A student will be given one hour of instruction per core curriculum course per week.  A student with an IEP will be given two hours of instruction per             core curriculum course.

C.  Parent/Guardian Responsibility

        1.  When an instructor visits the home of the student, a parent/guardian or other responsible adult (21 or older) designated by the parent/guardian must be              present for all home instruction sessions. Under no circumstances may home instruction take place without the presence of another adult 21 or older.                  This policy cannot be waived.  If a student must meet an instructor in a public setting, the parent/guardian must notify the principal's office in advance.

        2.  Cancellation of a home instruction session must be made 24 hours in advance.  Cancellation of classes by the student or parent/guardian without                     adequate notice, or excessive cancellations will not be rescheduled.  Though emergencies do arise, three or more consecutive cancellations or a pattern              of cancellations that prevents effective instruction will result in the parent/guardian being responsible for payment of the home instructor's time and/or              the termination of home instruction.  If a parent/guardian repeatedly fails to make a student available for scheduled home instruction, the district board              of education shall consider whether the student is truant in accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:38-27 and proceed accordingly.

        3.  If home instruction lasts more than twenty school days, the parent/guardian must obtain an updated medical examination and note from the doctor, and              the school's physician will evaluate the need for continued home instruction.  The same process must take place after forty school days of home                         instruction and every 20 school days thereafter. 

        4.  When the provision for home instruction for a student without disability will exceed sixty calendar days, the school physician shall refer the student to              the Child Study Team for evaluation pursuant to N.J.A.C.6A:14, and a meeting will be held with the principal, vice principal, guidance counselor,                     parent/guardian, and a representative from the Child Study Team.  For students with disabilities, the home instruction shall be consistent with the                     student's Individual Education Plan (IEP).  When home instruction for a student with a disability exceeds thirty consecutive school days in a school                 year, the Child Study Team shall convene a meeting to review and, if appropriate, revise the student's IEP.

D.  Teacher/Home Instructor/Coordinator Responsibility

        1.  The Home Instruction Coordinator will contact the classroom teachers requesting their availability to provide home instruction for their student.  If the              classroom teacher does not respond within two (2) days of notification, it will be assumed that an outside instructor is needed.  The contracted home                 instructor will contact the classroom teacher for all assignments throughout the approved instruction time line. 

        2.  When the student returns from home instruction, the classroom teachers is responsible for making sure incomplete grades are corrected.  Instructional              modifications/accommodations are prohibited unless approved by the Director of Guidance and Department Supervisor.  Students who have an IEP                 will continue to receive accommodations previously implemented.  

        3.  The Home Instruction Coordinator will monitor deadlines and closure of home instruction.

E.  Home Instructor Responsibility

        1.  The home instructor will contact the parent/guardian directly within 2 days to arrange a mutually convenient schedule for appointments and ensure the              parent/guardian has a way to contact them directly in order to cancel a lesson.

        2.  The home instructor will pick up course materials from classroom teacher and communicate directly with the classroom teacher for additional                         assignments or special directions.  No instruction will be provided in the home unless the parent/guardian/adult, 21 or older, is present during the                     home instruction.  If this is not possible, home instruction should take place at a public location.

F.  Grading

        1.  Students on home instruction for less than 30 days will receive a grade from the classroom teacher.  A home instructor will provide instruction in core              content courses.  If a home instructor is not available, the student will begin instruction through our online provider.

        2.  Students on home instruction for 30 days or more (cumulative or consecutive) will receive instruction for core content courses only with our online                 provider and receive a pass/fail grade for the year.  Elective courses will be removed from the schedule.  Students returning from home instruction                     must schedule a re-entry meeting with their counselor, the Director of Guidance, and the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.  Scheduling issues                 will be discussed at this meeting.

        3.  Pass/fail grades received on home instruction are not calculated in a student's grade point average (GPA) at the high school level.

NJAC 6A:16-10.1

Issued:  21 October 2014

Reissued:  14 September 2016