Dress Code

The personal appearance of every student is an important component of establishing a safe environment for optimal learning.  Although dress is reflective of personal style, taste, and expression, students are expected to dress in an appropriate style and manner while on our school campus.  They are expected to be neat and clean and to present an appropriate appearance that will be a credit to the student, parent, and school.  Appropriate personal appearance shall be such that it does not disrupt schoolwork or school order, distract others, negatively affect the educational setting, and/or violate health and safety rules. Therefore, certain types of clothing, which may be acceptable for recreational wear, may not be suitable for school.

  • Clothing, which in the opinion of school personnel is excessively tight, revealing or immodest, including very short dresses/skirts/shorts, halter-type tops, tube tops, backless/off the shoulder garments, single strap tops, ad attire revealing bare midriffs.
  • Clothing which reveals undergarments and/or anatomy.
  • Clothing which violates acceptable safety standards;
  • Clothing which bears words or symbols deemed offensive by teachers or administration;
  • Clothing which promotes/endorses/advertises alcohol, drugs, and/or tobacco products;
  • Clothing which displays biased, prejudicial, and/or profane language;
  • Sunglasses (unless by medical order to be worn indoors);
  • Sleeveless tee-shirts/undershirts (for male students); and
  • All clothing that is see-through.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times. Footwear considered unsafe will not be permitted.
  • Head wear, including bandannas may not be worn anywhere in the building at any time due to security regulations.
  • Students should not have chains hanging from any piece of clothing.
  • Chains can be considered a weapon. Failure to follow this rule will result in suspension

The administration has the sole authority to determine when personal appearance and dress style do not meet school expectations.  In these instances, administrators may request the parent/guardian to bring appropriate clothing to school so that the student many change or the student may be sent home with the parent/guardian to change into appropriate attire.  Students who fail to comply will receive points under the Personal Assessment System.  These guidelines are in effect from the first day of school; through the last day, including the week of final examinations.  This also applies to all school-related activities including off-campus events and field trips.