Pursuant to Board Policy 5610, the Board of Education recognizes that even the temporary exclusion of a pupil from the education program of this district is a severe sanction and one that cannot be imposed without due process. The high school administrator may suspend a pupil from school when it is deemed necessary in the interest of student discipline and the well-being of the educational program.  Suspension does not vacate the assignment of points nor does it mitigate the ancillary discipline. Returning to classes following a suspension shall require a parent conference.  The following could result in suspension 
from school:

  1. Accumulation of more than 80 points
  2. Fighting
  3. Gambling
  4. Willful destruction of school property
  5. Insubordination or disrespect
  6. Possession of drugs/alcohol
  7. Possession of fireworks/explosives/weapons or facsimiles
  8. Reckless driving
  9. Theft
  10. Intimidation/threats/bullying/harassment
  11. Disorderly conduct
  12. Involvement in a food fight
  13. Violating terms of suspension
  14. Conduct of such character as to constitute a danger to the physical well-being of others
  15. Unsportsmanlike behavior at a public event
  16. Profanity toward faculty/staff member

The above-cited infractions are also subject to assignment of points based upon administrative discretion.

While suspended, students are not allowed to participate in any school-related activities, attend any school-sponsored events (including home and away athletic contests), or be on campus for any reason.