Pursuant to Board Policy 5533, smoking by students will not be permitted on school buses, school grounds, or in school buildings or at school events. This includes all tobacco products and water vapor/electronic cigarettes. Penalties for students found smoking are cumulative over the four years of their high school career and are based on the following: 
  • First Offense: One-day suspension and one Saturday detention.
  • Second Offense and Subsequent Offenses: Three-day suspension. A Warren Township Municipal Court complaint will be filed against the student as well as a complaint filed with the local Board of Health. The decision to sign a Municipal Court Complaint may be rescinded on the 2nd offense if a parent/guardian agrees to have their child complete a smoke cessation program (at parent/guardians expense). Penalties may include fines and/or community service hours. Complaint field with the local Board of Health and/or additional discipline including multiple Saturday detentions.
Possession, Carrying, or Other Use of Tobacco Products
Students found to have been possessing, carrying, or using (other than smoking) tobacco products (including chewing tobacco) on school premises, at any school function, or on school buses will be subject to the following penalties: 
  •     First Offense: One extended detention.
  •     Second Offense: 10 points (aligned discipline) and two extended detentions. 
  •     Third and Subsequent Offenses: 10 points (aligned discipline) and three extended detentions for each offense. At the administrator’s discretion,               additional discipline may be assigned to those students who habitually violate school rules. 
Smoking Policy Implementation Procedures
Restrooms will be carefully monitored by teachers and administrators.
  •     School grounds will also be carefully monitored by teachers and administrators.
  •     School buses will be carefully monitored by bus drivers. 
  •     Students are required to sign-in and sign-out of classrooms when using restrooms.
  •     Students who are suspected of possessing tobacco products will be referred to an administrator who will require that the student demonstrate that             he/she is not in possession of the same. No random or arbitrary accusations of tobacco possession will be made. Just cause will prevail.