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Bus Transportation Rules

All students are assigned bus routes. Each student will be notified of his/her route. Bus drivers are in charge of the bus and are responsible for student behavior. They are required by law to report all infractions of school regulations to an administrator. Any misbehavior on the bus will result in disciplinary action. Intentional and repeated infractions can result in loss of the privilege to ride the bus. The following rules should be observed at all times:

    1. arrive at the bus stop on time 
    2. wait on the side for the bus or within the designated confines of the loading zone 
    3. because many stops are adjacent to private homes and businesses, respect the property of others 
    4. remain seated while the bus is in motion and keep arms inside the bus at all times 
    5. do not distract the driver or ask to make unscheduled stops 
    6. do not litter the bus or the road by throwing objects from the bus 
    7. do not smoke on the bus 
    8. do not use improper language on the bus 
    9. immediately report any damage on the bus to the driver 
    10. cooperate during the mandated emergency drill

Students must ride the bus to which they have been assigned.  They are not permitted, under any circumstance, to ride on another bus.  If a bus becomes disabled, students must remain in the designated waiting area until another bus arrives to take them to their destination.