The Responsibilities of Sportsmanship

The Player:
  •   treats opponents with respect                                                                   
  •  plays hard, but plays within the rules
  •  exercises self-control, setting an example for others                              
  •  respects officials and accepts their decisions without gesture or     comment.
  •  wins without boasting, loses without excuses, and never quits.
  • always remembers that it is a privilege to represent the school and community.

The Spectator:

§  attempts to understand and be informed of the playing rules.

§  appreciates a good play no matter who makes it.

§  cooperates with and responds enthusiastically to cheerleaders.

§  shows compassion for an injured player and acts in an appropriate way.

§  respects the judgment of the coach and performance of other players

§  respects the property of others and the authority of those who administer the competition

§  encourages positive behavior from fellow spectators