The Board of Education believes that student participation in co-curricular activities is an invaluable aspect of the educational process.  Participation must be in concert with acceptable overall academic achievement and standards of appropriate responsibility to set an example for others by the compliance with the rules and regulations of the school as well as with the academic requirements.

The faculty and administration are responsible for providing support and assistance to encourage the highest level of academic achievement possible from students participating in co-curricular activities.  The Board of Education, the administration, and faculty want students to participate in as many co-curricular activities as possible.  High school is a time to try new activities.  Although specialization in one sport or activity may have advantages for few students, specialization can cause psychological and physiological burnout. Consequently, whenever possible, multi-sport/activity participation is encouraged.

The Board of Education recognizes that participation in co-curricular activities carries with it certain responsibilities.  Student participants represent the school and community and must project positive images of both.  They should maintain satisfactory academic achievement and standards of conduct.  Both players and spectators have responsibilities.