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School-Based Cohort Work

Sedgwick Middle School - 11/17/14 Building CSI with a focus on UDL

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CSI Focus: Sent from Principal, Andrew Clapsaddle to Sedgwick staff:

Next Wednesday will be a building CSI with a focus on UDL. Please bring to the CSI a copy (paper or digital) of two (2) current lessons or activities you will teach before January 25, 2015
(please, do not create something new, just bring something you already teach). You will use your lessons or activities during the session. The agenda for the CSI will be:

  • Review of UDL guidelines
  • Two presentations from teachers regarding lessons they have developed that incorporate UDL guidelines
  • We will organize the staff into predetermined groups of 3
  • Teachers will review their lessons or activities in small groups, identify the parts that already fit into the UDL guidelines and identify areas that could be modified to give students more access to the learning
  • Share our findings in bigger groups of 6
  • Share our findings whole group

UDL presentation from Liz Natale, Shannon McNeice and Eva Golden.
Note Slide #22: student video "amazing"!

Perseverance UDL with Video

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