UDL Cohort Trainings

Spring CSI 2014

Bridging the gap LK

The theme of this year's UDL Cohort Spring CSI Training is "UDL in the Classroom". The first session started off with an overview of UDL. Glenn McGrath reviewed the April 1st presentation to the West Hartford Board of Education. Lynnette Kaschke explained (Assistive)Technology's role in CCSS and UDL implementation and gave the attendees . In Session two, Ted Dillon guided participants in exploring the UDL Toolkit and our UDL Website. Groups also developed a lesson for a student of their choice using UDL principles and low tech-high tech materials. The final session was a recap and a presentation of "Classroom Practices"; how UDL is implemented in classroom at Norfeldt and Charter Oak. Aimee Heaton and Melissa Caballero share their experiences teaching students and student responses to using technology. 


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Training was a success! 
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