Learning with Jon Mundorf

Jon Mundorf is an award-winning National Board Certified fifth grade teacher at Calusa Park Elementary School in Naples, Florida. He utilizes the Universal Design for Learning framework to meet the multiple challenges of teaching diverse learners in his inclusive, standards-based classroom. Jon enjoys sharing his classroom experiences with other educators and has done so at conferences and workshops throughout North America. In addition to being a full-time teacher, Jon is a doctoral student at the University of Florida and is studying the role of educational technology and UDL in curriculum, teaching and teacher education. Jon is the designer of the Regional Training Center’s graduate course Universal Design for Learning: Reaching All Learners in the Digital Age and also serves as a member of the Harvard UDL Summer Institute faculty.

Twitter - @fundorf

Email -  Mr.Mundorf@gmail.com

Kelly Pierce, Grade 1 teacher at Whiting Lane emailed Jon Mundorf during our UDL training with CAST in October, and asked for any videos or resources he might have to highlight his expertise in using UDL in his classroom. 

Jon's response: 

Hi Kelly! It is great to hear from you. I am happy to hear that your UDL workshop has gone so well. I don't have any videos of me teaching, but the school district did a profile of my classroom last year. Here is the link.