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2018-9 Modern World Literature

5/14: “The Imp and the Crust” and

“Three Questions”

  1. What is the right time to act?

  2. Who are the most important people to pay attention to?

  3. What is the most important activity or business you should do?

Write a fairy tale that answers these questions.

5/13 Readers Journal: write the ending to the story of the rich princess.

Pan’s Labyrinth extras and essay questions:

Pan’s Labyrinth:  Essay Questions

Choose one of the questions and reference the film.  Please write in essay form (separate introduction, body and conclusion).

1. This film is rather bi-polar as it blends fantasy/fairy tales with a very harsh and brutal reality.  Discuss how the film achieves this. What was the filmmaker trying to say by doing so? Was the film too violent?

2. Write about one of the main conflicts in the film, the conflict between obedience and disobedience,  the conflict between bravery and cowardice, the conflict between heroes and monsters, good and evil or the conflict between innocence and experience. Cite examples from the film and the conclusion you draw from this conflict.

3. Write about the use of fairy tale and fantasy in this film.  What was the purpose of doing so?

4. The main characters in this film include the three women (Ofelia, her mother, Mercedes) and the three men (Captain Vidal, the doctor and Pedro).  Talk about two of the characters that were most interesting to you and why.

5. Many film critics consider this a brilliant piece of film-making.  If you agree, why do think so?

6. Open-ended response of your choice.

“Once Upon a Time” by Nadine Gordimer

Extra Credit Response Questions: What is going on in this story? What are some of the references to fairy tales and why do you think the author is using them?

Our new/last Unit: Fairy Tales in literature

What is your favorite fairy tale? Least favorite?

What are the common elements of fairy tales?

What is the audience for fairy tales?

Are fairy tales outdated (archaic) or do they still serve a purpose?

Are fairy tales good for children?  Why or why not?

Why would contemporary authors use fairy tales in their writing?


Response:  what is your reaction to the interviews? From what you’ve learned in this unit, what is it like to be native in modern America?

In the Light of Reverence: Choose one.

■ What is sacred to you? Where are your sacred places? What was sacred to your ancestors? Is what was sacred the same for them as for you? If not, what accounts for the changes?

■ Do you have a story of a place that had a profound impact on your life, your sense of identity, a place that is special and gives meaning to you and your family? Has that place changed over the years, been threatened or destroyed? Imagine physical and spiritual connection to place as practiced by an entire community.

■ What are the main conflicts presented in this documentary? How should these conflicts be resolved?  How important is it that we revere (respect) sacred/holy of other cultures both in our nation and without?

Vocabulary : Objective: to improve your reading, writing and speaking vocabulary; to improve the art and skill of writing GREAT sentences; to increase your awareness of word origins and word usage to help you expand your vocabulary.  

Instructions:  1. Take thorough notes that include part of speech, etymology (word origin) and definition.   These words may come from our reading or your reading. 2. Write a GREAT sentence that contains the word and explains its definition in context. (example: As an enclave at Hall High School, ASK respects and celebrates diversity and lambastes bigotry.) Assessment=sentences, 50pts; notes=30 pts; publication=20pts.


Goals of ASK:

  1. Help you to achieve what you can and have the best school year(s).

  2. Help you improve your GPA and expand your opportunities.

  3. Help you improve thinking skills in addition to reading, writing, speaking and listening.

  4. Help you see the world and yourself in ways you hadn’t.

  5. Help you be comfortable with yourself while challenging you to grow.

What to Expect From Us:  The ASK Team will:

  1. treat you with the respect you deserve

  2. be honest, trustworthy and fair

  3. advocate for you

  4. listen to  you and be available to you

  5. help you solve problems

  6. make the class interesting, worthwhile and challenging

  7. help you think for yourself and see the world differently

  8. give our best effort

  9. have fun!

What Not to Expect from Us:  The ASK Team won’t:

  1. be dishonest

  2. be disrespectful

  3. demean or belittle you (intentionally)

  4. cover for or “enable” you

  5. look the other way

  6. give up on you.

What the ASK Team can expect from you:  You will:

  1. be honest and trustworthy

  2. be yourself and embrace your individuality

  3. treat each other and yourself with the respect you deserve

  4. be willing to try new things and step out of your comfort zone

  5. abide by ASK and school rules out of respect

  6. talk to the staff when issues arise

  7. have fun!

Writing Rubric: Contemporary Writing


1. Did you answer the question thoroughly?

2. Did you demonstrate understanding of the topic?

3. Did your essay include solid, specific examples as evidence/support?

4. Did you refer to the “text?”

5. Is your essay thoughtful, insightful, meaningful and authentic?

6. Did you write what you know and from your heart?


1. Is your essay written in proper essay form with separate introduction, body and conclusion?

2. Does your essay flow smoothly from paragraph to paragraph with proper transitions?

3. Is your essay organized appropriately for the topic?  Can your reader easily follow your ideas?

4. Have you used correct spelling, punctuation and capitalization?

5. Is your word choice, vocabulary and sentence structure appropriate, correct and effective?

6. Did you “show” your topic rather than “tell” about it?


1. Did you submit your assignment on time when it is due?

2. Did you use a word processor (Word or Google Doc) or, with approval, write neatly?

3. Did you proofread your assignment before submitting it?

4. Does the final product represent your best effort and thought?