Summer Reading for WHPS Middle Schools!
The West Hartford Public Schools value that summer reading is an essential ingredient to student success. 
Although you are only required to read and report one book of your choice (no Dr. Suess), 
we expect that you will read MANY books!

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For a new twist on reading this summer, try this interactive online graphic novel. You may use your school email to sign up!  CLASS CODE: W0F36M

Correctly answer ten WONDERLAND trivia questions and a character named after you might just check into the motel in Book #3!

How about Trailers for some NONFICTION:

Have you read the Nutmeg or played yet?
I have hidden books in West Hartford, they should show up on the website by 7.20!

Finding Books to Read:

WH Public Library Summer Reading 

Teen Services:  

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WHPL Summer Reading!!!

Sedgwick Overdrive e-Books and Audiobooks
Summer is a great time to download e-books or audiobooks from our Overdrive fiction collection! Lots of new Nutmegs and hot titles available. Just watch the video below for instructions. 

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 Or . . .
Download Overdrive App - Create account -Search West Hartford -Select Sedgwick -Login with your student ID as username AND password
You can also access the state library digital collection, OneClick Digital, to find e-books and audio books! Signup online and then download their app on any device!

West Hartford "One Book - One Town" 2017-2018

Every moment in Michael Hingson’s and Roselle’s lives seemed to lead up to this day. When one of four hijacked planes flew into the World Trade Center’s north tower on September 11, 2001, Michael Hingson, a district sales manager for a data protection and network security systems company, was sitting down for a meeting. His guide dog, Roselle, was at his feet. Paired for twenty-one months, man and dog spent that time forging a bond of trust, much like police partners who trust their lives to each other.

Michael couldn’t see a thing, but he could hear the sounds of shattering glass, falling debris, and terrified people flooding around him and Roselle. However, Roselle sat calmly beside him. In that moment, Michael chose to trust Roselle’s judgment and not to panic. They were a team.

Thunder Dog is a story that will forever change your spirit and your perspective. It illuminates Hingson’s lifelong determination to achieve parity in a sighted world and how the rare trust between a man and his guide dog can inspire an unshakable faith in each one of us.


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