Trig Final Exam


 Exam Suggestions for Preparation

 Performing well on midterm exams is very important since it represents 20% of the semester grade. The semester grade is composed of the First Quarter Grade (40%), Second Quarter Grade (40%), and the Midterm Exam (20%). This information is displayed on the student’s report card. The semester grade is recorded on the high school transcript.

 We encourage students to spread out their study.  One large amount of time right before the exam is not worth the same as several shorter study sessions over time. Below is a list of strategies to help you prepare for the midterm exam. Completing a review packet is just one of these strategies. A review packet is intended to highlight the major concepts presented during the year. It is not intended to be the only preparation for the midterm exam. It is intended to compliment other course materials and resources such as tests and quizzes, homework assignments, and assignments completed in class.

 In studying for the midterm exam you should include the following strategies:


1.       Complete the review worksheets for each chapter and ask questions on the problems you are not able to answer.  Use the back of this sheet to write down key themes and main ideas, or to make a list of problem areas for follow-up.

2.       Review your class notes and main highlighting in the sections covered in the textbook.

3.       Review worksheets assigned in class or for homework.

4.       Review homework assignments in the sections covered concentrating on the problems you originally could not do or did incorrectly.

5.       Use the review section at the end of each chapter to do more problems of the type that you had difficulty with.

6.       “Redo” quizzes and tests concentrating on problems done incorrectly.

7.      Create flash cards of key concepts and vocabulary.

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