Welcome to Physics!  The main goal of my physics classes is to encourage you to question and help you gain a deeper understanding of the motion, interactions and energy in the world around you.  Although the study of physics involves a fair amount of math, it is important to realize physics is much more than finding the right equation to solve a “problem”.  Solving a physics “problem” requires real thought, not just number-crunching.  If you try to understand a concept before looking for an equation, you will get much more out of this class (and do better on the tests).  I think the single most important aspect of any science course is to QUESTION … question what you are observing … question your own thought process … question your classmates’ analysis … question your teacher’s “answer”.  As a former mechanical engineer and current physics teacher, I obviously think physics is a pretty cool thing to study.  I hope some of my excitement for this subject rubs off on you.                                                                                                                                                          “Wichtig ist, dass man nicht aufhort zu fragen

Keely Flynn Connery
Conard High School