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Family & Consumer Sciences

Family & Consumer Sciences focuses on skills needed to successfully manage resources, not only as individuals, but as group members within the family, workplace, and community. With a variety of courses offered, Family & Consumer Sciences helps students develop skills in the areas of self-confidence, setting goals, developing values and making educated decisions.  These courses prepare students for daily life challenges by providing opportunities to express individual creativity.  Family & Consumer Sciences students develop career pathway awareness, 21st century skills, an understanding of relationships and life management skills surrounding nutrition, health, consumerism and parenting.  


  • Empower students to make informed decisions about their well-being, relationships, and resources to achieve a balanced personal and professional life.


  • Develop career awareness and 21st century skills to facilitate the transition from school to career
  • Develop an understanding of human growth and life-span development
  • Examine the relationships among individuals, families, communities and the environments in which they function
  • Develop life management skills including nutrition, consumerism, and parenting skills
  • Use leadership and teamwork skills to collaborate with others to accomplish common goals.
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