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ACE - TSA Club

Club Adviser: Anthony Truss
School: Conard High School
Current Members: 34

Astronomy, Computer Science & Engineering 
Mission Statement:
  • ACE strives to facilitate the learning of, exposure to, and the application of:
    • Astronomy
    • Computer Science
    • Engineering / Architecture 
Through design and the creation of unique collaborative projects ACE club members seek to build a strong foundation for careers in the ever-growing STEM fields.

ACE is making efforts to become affiliated with TSA, and offer TSA to ACE club members.

Want to Join?:
ACE is open to all students year round, at any time; Commitment however is conducive to the creation and completion of projects.
If you are interested in joining ACE, please email for a personal invite into our Google+ Community.
ACE utilizes Google+ for collaboration of ideas, and origination of events, all ACE members are required to join the Google+ community.

When do we meet?:
ACE meets as a large 30+ student group twice a month on Friday's, and as needed (typically every week) in small groups to work on projects.
Large meetings start at 2:30pm, and end around 3:30/4:00 pm, and are held in Rm: 197 w/ Mr.Truss