About the Author  

"Alex London knows a thing or two about life. He’s certainly lived a lot of it. Before delving into the futuristic world he created in his novels, he was once a journalist reporting from conflict zones and refugee camps. He was also an assistant to a Hollywood talent agent and get this, a fully licensed librarian. 

His novel, Proxy, is a young adult sci-fi novel on the friendship between Knox, a boy who gets everything he wants, and his Proxy named Syd, who has to suffer all the consequences and punishments of his actions. They both flee after realizing that they are both victims of a life that is designed for them. Guardian is his thrilling and much darker sequel." 

~Excerpted from an August 2014 article in Spot.ph  

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Mr. London's Visit to Hall HS                                                
When: Mr. London will be visiting Hall High School on Thursday, April 30, 2015.

WhatMr. London will be speaking to selected English and history classes, facilitating writing workshops and signing books after each event. Students from other classes who would like to attend one of these events should email Mrs. Ahern.  

Where: Presentations, workshops and author-student lunch will take place in the library. 

*More information to come about the opportunity to have lunch with the author and pre-order his book.

*Come to the library to check out a copy of Proxy, Guardian, and One Day the Soldiers Came.  

*Click HERE to check out Proxy and Guardian from Hall's eBook collection. Use your computer log in to access the collection.

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