3. Beaches

There are lots of great beaches around - the closest being the Stony Lake beach, which is about 5 minutes drive. The great thing about this beach is that a creek flows from Stony Lake (about 1/2 mile away) through the Camp Miniwanca summer camp and then onto the beach and into Lake Michigan. There's also a nice bridge that kids like to jump from into the creek.  The water in Stony Creek is just the perfect depth for swimming and is warmer than the lake, and its current flows so slow that its a great place for kids to swim, even when Lake Michigan is choppy or has a heavy undertow.  There's also a public area to swim in Stony Lake for those so inclined, and a public playground as well.  Silver Lake State Park has a long, sandy beach with a beautiful lighthouse.  There are literally dozens of beaches to visit all up and down the Lake Michigan coast (including beaches in Ludington, Grand Haven, Muskegon and Duck Lake State Park), so too many to list here.

 Stony Creek at Sunset

 Stony Lake Beach at Sunset
 Tubing down Stony Creek
 Little Point Sauble Light House
 Little Point Sauble/Silver Lake State Park