6. Inland Lakes

There are quite a few inland lakes in the area, most of them connected to Lake Michigan. Each of them is a bit different, here's my view:

Stony Lake (5 minutes)
: A small and peaceful lake surrounded by trees, with a little playground next to it and a creek running from the lake to Lake Michigan.  The lake is dominated by a summer camp, Camp Miniwanca, so you will tend to see alot Sunfish type sailboats and a few power boats.

Silver Lake (10 minutes): This lake is dominated by the State park and the dunes, and tends to attract those who like motorsports (due to the ORV area in the state park).  The view of the lake wrapped by sand dunes is pretty nice.

Pentwater Lake (25 minutes): very upscale area with nice houses around the lake and lots of sailboats. Channel into Lake Michigan.

White Lake (25 minutes): huge inland lake also with channel to Lake Michigan. Surrounded by the towns of Whitehall and Montague.

There are lakes right next to Lake Michigan throughout this area (e.g. Hamlin Lake, Duck Lake, Bear Lake, Muskegon Lake, etc).