Detailed below are peer-reviewed articles that I have published in the areas of analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, hydrology, radionuclide transport, and undergraduate teaching methodologies.   
* Student collaborators are indicated by an asterisk.  

Research Publications

P.C. Mullins*, P.V. Phan*, N.M. James*, N. Conroy*, and F.M. Dunnivant2014. A Survey of 31 Chlorinated Pesticide Concentrations in Remote Pacific Northwest Alpine Lakes, manuscript submitted to Journal of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry in 2013, under revision and to be resubmitted in 2016.

Handlin*, M., A. Molina*, N.M. James*, M. McConville*, and F M. Dunnivant2014.  Release Rates of Persistent Hydrophobic Pollutant in Suspensions containing both Contaminated and Uncontaminated Sediment.  Accepted for publication in the Journal of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Submitted May, 2013; Accepted 7 Oct., 2013, in print.

Spenser Meeks*, Brice Crayne*, Kari Norgaard and Frank Dunnivant2013. Trace Metal Analysis of Karuk Traditional Foods in the Klamath River Basin. Journal of Enviornmental Pollution, April 4, pp. 319-328.

Ginsbach*, J.W., K.L. Taylor*, R.M. Olsen*, B. Peterson*, and F.M. Dunnivant. 2010. The Fraction of Organic Carbon Predicts Labile Desorption Rates of Chlorinated Organic Pollutants in Laboratory-Spiked Geosorbents. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry,29(5), 1049-1055.

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Saalfield*, S.L., J. D. Wnuk*, M. M. Murray*, and F. M. Dunnivant. 2006. A Comparison of Two Techniques for Studying Sediment Desorption Kinetics of Hydrophobic Pollutants, Chemosphere66, #2, 384-389

Porro, I., M.E. Newman, and F.M. Dunnivant.  2000.  Strontium Distribution Coefficients Determined by Column and Batch Techniques and Under Various Moisture Contents in Crushed Basalt Columns.  Environ. Sci. and Technol., 34(9), 1679-1687.

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