Welcome to the Whiteway Corner Website.  This site is an ongoing project of Current Events and Historical Content of the Riverside Avondale area as well as The City of Jacksonville, Florida.

We also show the live weather for Whiteway Corner in Riverside Avondale Jacksonville (Jax). 

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Business is Great on Whiteway Corner because of at least 5 unique aspects of  its location:

1.  It is virtually in the center of the Riverside Avondale Historic District.  Recently the RAHD has been named one of the top neighborhoods in America by The American Planning Association.  Also, Forbes Magazine has named RAHD one of Americas Best Neighborhoods .  Several years ago, Money Magazine named RAHD as one of the Best Places to Retire;

2.  It is located 1/2 miles from St Vincents Medical Center, which employs 2000 people, as well as creating a frenzy of activity with visitors for the hospital, medical offices with visiting patients, and supply deliveries;

3.  Whiteway Corner provides right turns around itself for easy parking access;

4.  Over 5 million vehicles pass through the Park and King intersection each year; and

5.  The Building on Whiteway Corner has high site prominence because it is located about 20 feet from the streets.

Whiteway Corner has been located on the southwest corner of Park & King since 1927.  Strategically placed in the middle of Riverside, it has been a hotbed for retail stores and professional offices down through the years.  Today, Whiteway Corner continues in that tradition with renovated offices and three of the finest restaurants in the historic district. 

On this page there are tons of old handcolored postcards of Jacksonville and of Riverside Avondale.  There are many of Riverside Park.  See how beautiful it was at the turn of the 20th century.  And you can read the notes the senders wrote to their loved ones.

On this page are posted old classroom photos from the schools in Riverside Avondale Historic District.  Please send image files to us of any old class photos you might have and list all of the names that you remember.   Please also let us know of any names that we don't know on the photos already posted.  Now that is fun!

This page contains historic photos of People and Places in the Riverside Avondale District as well as Jacksonville, Florida.

The Interview Series:  Here there are interviews with long time residents of the Historic District who tell stories of the past and give a personal insight into the history of Riverside Avondale as they experienced it. See the stories of Dr. James Lanier, Frank the Barber, and David Nussbaum.

The Roving Reporter:  We take our video camera and our reporter Roy Reeves out into the district finding stories of interest that are part of and unique to Riverside Avondale.  Click here and see stories of Blackie the Dog, The Waving Couple and the Michael Fisher Florida Map Collection.

The Video Series:   Whiteway Corner is developing several video series that highlight various aspects of the unique nature of Riverside Avondale Historic District, examining the history, the beauty and the current events of RAHD.

The Recital Series: This series focuses on musical events in the Riverside Avondale Historic District or on musicians who live or work in the District.  Included here are videos made from Larry Bryant's Edison Amberol Recordings from the early 1900s.

The Homes of Riverside Avondale:  Riverside Avondale has a plethora of historically significant homes and architectural styles.  How exciting to see the interior of some of the homes we have admired from the street.  The series starts with Dr. Linda Fisher's home on Hedrick.

Gardens of Riverside Avondale:  Riverside Avondale has an abundance of well tended and beautiful gardens in parks, churches and private homes.  This series starts with the courtyard garden of Riverside Baptist Church, developed and tended by Jerry Ferguson.

 H. Paul Womack Photos: Photographer H. Paul Womack was commissioned by Whiteway Realty to use his creative eye and shoot whatever interested him in Riverside Avondale Historic District.  The result of this can be seen on our website.  A printed photography book is in the works.

Dogs of the Historic District

People love their dogs , and in this series we get to meet them and the people who love them.

 "FUN STUFF" out of the history of Riverside Avondale:

Easter Egg HuntMarch 4,2018

Riverside - Avondale Tour of Homes 2018

Rap Home Tour April 27 and 28, 2019.  Whiteway Corner Building

Spring Tour of Homes.  April 14-15 2018

Interview with Ray King.  February 7, 2017

St. Paul's Fall FestivalNovember 4, 2017

Riverside Arts Market.  November 4, 2017

Slide Shows from Riverside Avondale DistrictThere are so many interesting places and events in Riverside Avondale, that we have added our pictures in  slideshows.  We hope that you enjoy them.  

John Gorrie Dog Park Movie.   On behalf of our furry friends we would like to give a special thanks to those who made this park possible.  September 17,2016

RAP Tour of Homes Slideshow. April 16-17 2016

Opening of the John Gorrie Dog Park.  September 17, 2016

Re-opening of the Willowbranch Library after remodeling.  November 14, 2015

Interview with Biddy McRae and George MartinMay 10th, 2005

River city Pride ParadeOctober 5, 2019