Nature's music is never over; her silences are pauses, not conclusions. Mary Webb

fletcherHi!  I'm Tonnye Fletcher and this is my second year teaching music !  I taught 2nd or 3rd grade for 17 years, and I loved it!  I am also loving my new job teaching music to K-2 students at Whiteville  Primary School.  I love singing, and I played trumpet from 6th grade at Central Middle School through college. I graduated from SCC with an AFA in Music, went on to get my BA in Arts and Humanities, and then a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education.  I am nationally board certified.  Outside of school, I am currently worship leader at Impact Outreach Church.  I love singing and dancing and writing and listening to music and making music!   I also enjoy reading and writing, scrapbooking, and lots of time in nature, as well as spending time with my friends and family!
Also, outside of school, I lead a new-to-Columbus-County literacy group.  We are CCNCRA -- Columbus Chapter of the North Carolina Reading Association.  I have always been a proponent of literacy throughout my career, and encourage students to write at every opportunity.  I lead the Writers' Group at Whiteville Primary School, which has had great success, including winners of the NCRA Young Authors' Project and the AR Ammons Poetry contest.  I am blessed to share 3 of my greatest passions in my job here at WPS -- reading, writing, and MUSIC!

This year, we are exploring connections between literacy and music.  It goes far beyond just the lyrics of the songs.  Music impacts our thinking, expands our vocabulary, and stretches our imagination!  Musical vocabulary enhances our ability to communciate effectively and utilizes literary concepts relative to other areas of life (prefixes, suffixes, antonyms, synonyms, etc.)  You'll hear terminology from English-language arts, literature, and other areas as well throughout this year in music.  We'll be exploring stories, books, and poems that have musical concepts and terminology as well as discovering ways of performing literary works in musical ways by singing, dancing, and adding musical content and/or accompaniment

Music connects us to all parts of our life, all seasons of our life.  It affects us: body, mind, and soul.  The arts in general, and music in particular, is not only a great teaching tool, but is also always valuable for its own sake. 

My hope is to create a theme each year that will help students note the connections music has to so many areas of our life.   

In my music classes, students will listen to all kinds of music, sing, play some age-appropriate instruments, dance, read, write, learn about rhythm and beat, musical vocabulary, and much more.  They will have rich and varied experiences that will make them more well-rounded.   It is a valuable and fun time that will help them in every area of their lives!

I am proud and honored to be not just a music teacher, but a teacher of life.  If there's one thing I know without a doubt, it's this:  Life is always better with music! 

So let the music play and let the learning begin!

This month in Music:
With Spring Break behind us, we are in the HOME stretch of this school year!  Students have enjoyed learning about how music and nature connect and have done a fabulous job performing for PTA programs throughout the year!  The focus for this last few weeks of school is to focus on singing on pitch, using instruments that we haven't yet used much to explore rhythms and how to create sound effects for stories using instruments and other things.  We'll continue to explore natural connections to music as well!  We'll be learning amazing things about  music, in music and through music right up to the final bell!

Students are expected to participate fully and with good attitude.  We only grow if we try new things, so I will be working with your children to help them cultivate a sense of adventure in the music room! :-)