White Salmon Academy
Principal: Craig McKee

The White Salmon Academy is an option for students who need a high school setting that allows flexibility and a viable pathway to obtain a Washington State high school diploma. Students must earn 20 credits, pass the required state exams, and prepare a culminating project in order to graduate. Although this diploma will not open the doors to a four-year university or college, students are eligible for two-year schools, technical programs, and the military. Students work at their own pace using Odysseyware software. A full-time teacher and classroom aide are available to help.

It is the focus of the White Salmon Valley Academy to create a positive environment that fosters students' success in life. Students will have the opportunity to grow academically and socially. In addition, students will recognize their responsibilities and obligations as United States citizens or residents.

Recognizing students' need for strong academics, the White Salmon Valley Academy and staff will stress skills in writing, mathematics, science, and social studies. Career opportunities and the pursuit of post-high school education pathways will serve as the motivation for students' completion of their academic requirements.

The White Salmon Valley Academy 's vision is to create an environment in which each student can achieve his or her dreams as well as dreams they never considered or thought possible.