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Phone: (509) 493-1500       
ax: (509) 493-2275       
Mailing Address
White Salmon Valley School District 405-17
P.O. Box 157
White Salmon, WA 98672
Physical Address (Map)
Administration Office
171 NW Washington Street
White Salmon, WA 98672
Directions to our district office and schools
White Salmon is directly across the Columbia River from Hood River, Oregon, approximately an hour east of the Portland, Oregon / Vancouver, Washington area. The two-lane Washington State Highway 14 runs along the north bank of the river on the Washington side, while the four-lane Interstate 84 runs on the Oregon side of the river. Either highway will bring you from the Portland / Vancouver area.

If you're driving from the East or West along I-84, take exit 64 and go across the Hood River Bridge.

At the north end of the bridge, turn right, then drive East on Highway 14 until you reach the center of Bingen, where you'll find the Bingen Superette Market on your right, and a Tesoro gas station on your left (approximately 1.5 miles).

Turn left at the intersection, and travel up the hill approximately 1 mile. As you reach the top of the hill you'll see the "Welcome to White Salmon" sign on your right. Continue through town until you see the city hall clock tower on your right. Turn right at that point, onto Main Street, and continue up the hill.

To reach the District Office (Map), turn left at the second street on the left, Washington Street, and travel a block. The District Office is at the west end of the large Park Center building on your left, just before the the tennis courts. 

To reach our schools, stay on Main Street instead of turning on Washington. Whitson Elementary (Map)school will be on your left, at the corner of Washington and Main. Our large parking area is directly across from the main entrance to the school on Main Street.

If you're traveling on to our middle or high schools, continue traveling on Main, past Whitson Elementary for about 3/4 of a mile. When you reach a Y in the road, stay to the left for the Intermediate and Middle Schools  (Map).

You can reach Columbia High School (Map) by following either fork. For the main school entrance, or events in our stadium, take the left fork. Continue on Loop Road about a quarter mile until you see the campus on your right. Enter our parking lot by turning right immediately after the rock art wall and White Salmon Valley Schools sign. Columbia High School is at the far end of the parking lot.

For baseball or softball games, or for events in our gymnasium, take the right fork. Follow the road straight down the short hill to the stop sign, and proceed through the intersection onto Simmons Road. Follow that road to our back parking lot. This is also the location for the White Salmon Academy.

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