The Spring Break Journals are coming home today. Your child needs to write in the Journal everyday of Spring Break. We need to get them ready for first grade and this will really help. We write in complete sentences with capitals for the first word of the sentence. We stop our sentences with periods. We also start our sentences with a capital letter, but the other words in the sentence are lower case unless it is a proper noun. If you go out of town for the holiday you need to take this with you. Your child will read this to the class when they come back from the holiday. Thanks for your support at home. 

This week we are going to continue our nightly response to literature. We have added another component to this response. We are picking, my favorite part of the book, and telling why that is our favorite part. If you look in the response journal dated 3-1-16 we practiced adding the word "because" to our response.
In Writing Workshop this week we are working on Fact and Opinion.
Please continue to work on Sight Word List 9 and 10.

** Be sure to read 20 minutes at least 5 nights each week. J

**Don’t forget about Starfall.com to practice your Letter Sounds. J



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