For Homework this week, work on Sight Word List 6. Sight Word List 7 is coming home next week.

Also work on nightly response journals.

Today your child will be bringing home a Day & Night Observation Journal. We are going to fill in the Day Sky today in class. Tonight take your child outside and help them draw what they see in the Night Sky. The moon should be very pretty tonight. It was a crescent moon last night. Mars and Venus will be under the moon tonight. We will do this for five days. Please return these journals each day, so I can look at them.

Thanks for your support at home.

White Oak is having a school wide cyber practice day on February 10th with our county eClass resources to ensure that all students and parents are able to access this technology. We modeled and practiced this in class today.  In order for your Kindergarten student to complete their assignment at home, there are steps that need to be followed. We realize this is a lengthy process and appreciate your support.  Please let us know if you have any questions or problems with this.

1.    Go to White Oak homepage http://www.gwinnett.k12.ga.us/WhiteOakES/

2.    Click on in the upper right hand corner.

3.    Log into eCLASS using student # at login (this is the lunch number 20…).  Password is 123456

4.    Select one leveled reader appropriate for your child’s independent reading level to read and respond to it electronically.

5.    After your child reads the book twice, he or she needs to type a response or dictate a response for you to type on eCLASS.  The prompt is ‘My favorite part is…’

6.    You will need to then click on .

7.    In the black bar at the top of the page, there is a down arrow next to the title White Oak Elementary. Click this arrow and look for 2017 Roman. D HOMEROOM.

8.    You should see a picture of a classroom and a message on the white board with your directions for this assignment.

9.    In order to post your student’s response, you will need to click on activities and then discussions.

10.Click on the eCLASS homework practice title and click on start a new thread. Your subject should be the title of the book and its level.

11.Type the reader’s response in the response box.

12.Click ‘post’ in the blue box below to submit your assignment.

Thank you!


Homework tonight is Sight Word List 6. Please review the other Sight Word Lists. Thanks!

Dear Parents,

 For HW this week let's work on Sight Word List 5 and then review Sight Word Lists 1-4. Also work on Fill in the missing numbers 9_11, Domino Math, and Your Street Address. Thanks for your support at home.

Please use the dry erase marker for nightly HW. If you prefer you can make copies of the HW and use pencils.

There is a reading book sent home each night for your child to read to you. Please fill in the reading log, so I can see that your child read to you. If your child brings home the same book each day it means that they are not following directions in the morning. They are to exchange their books each morning. Please talk to them about following directions.

Thanks for your support at home.

** Be sure to read 20 minutes at least 5 nights each week. J

**Don’t forget about Starfall.com to practice your Letter Sounds. J



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