Mrs. Diaz has been a counselor in Gwinnett County Schools since 2002 and is the only school counselor at White Oak.  She earned both her Masters and her Education Specialist degrees in school counseling from Georgia State University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).  Mrs. Diaz received the Georgia School Counselor of the Year award from the Georgia School Counselors Association in 2013 and was recognized at the White House as a top 5 finalist for the national School Counselor of the Year by the American School Counselor Association in January of 2015.  Her overriding goal as a counselor is to help make children's and families' lives better.  As a school counselor, she works hard to remove barriers to children's learning, whether the barriers are academic, emotional, or familial concerns.  Working with state and national initiatives, she strives to inspire White Oak students to set long term goals for their future careers.  She and her husband live in Buford with their three children.  A proud White Oak parent, she currently has a first grader and a second grader.  Also a part of the Longhorn family, their oldest child is a freshman at Lanier High School.
Mrs. Diaz addressing the Georgia House of Representatives about school counseling on behalf of the Georgia School Counselor Assocation.

 RAMP Award Winner

White Oak Elementary Counseling Department Earned National Distinction in 2011 AND 2014!!!!

White Oak Elementary counseling program met the criteria to become a Recognized ASCA Model Program by the American School Counselor Association in 2011, thereby becoming one of 350 schools that have received this national recognition since the program’s inception in 2004.  The RAMP designation lasts for three years after which schools have to reapply for the designation.  White Oak Elementary received the Re-RAMP designation in July of 2014.  Please join us in celebrating this prestigious accomplishment.  

If you would like to learn more about RAMP, please visit the
ASCA website.

The American School Counselor Assocation model that drives school counseling programs depicts school counselors working through four components:  accountability, delivery, management, and foundation.  Each good counseling program starts with a solid foundation which, for counselors, means that each counselor has identified and stated their individual beliefs and philosophies.  Also, each counselor aligns their programs with ASCA's standards for the three domains that counselors guide students which are academic, career, and personal/social.  Through accountability, school counselors use data from results reports  to drive decisions about programs run in their departments from year to year.  Within the management system, agreements with administration about use of time, plans, and calendars help to determine the layout of yearlong programs and activities.  The delivery system, which is the heart and soul of a counseling department is where counselors spend a majority of their time.  This is the guidance curriculum (guidance lessons in each class), responsive services (individual and group counseling), and system support (school wide activities and incentives).  
To the right is a link to the American School Counselor Association.  http://www.schoolcounselor.org 
What will your child be learning in either classroom guidance (grades k, 2-5) or First Grade guidance specials? See bottom attachment for the Gwinnett County Standards and Competencies, ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors, as well as Mrs. Diaz's Yearly Calendar.
Georgia School Counselors Assocation website:  www.gaschoolcounselors.com 
Gwinnett Office of Advisement and Counseling :  www.gwinnett.k12.ga.us/advcounselweb.nsf/pages/Home
Kids Health:  http://kidshealth.org
Career Cruising (5th grade program):  http://www.careercruising.com/Default.aspx
Committee for Children (Second Step Curriculum):  http://www.cfchildren.org/
Office Phone Number:  678-546-5539
White Oak Front Office Number:  678-546-5550
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