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College Applications

The UW-System Colleges will begin to accept applications on-line beginning September 1.  I encourage students to apply early to their college of choice as programs tend to fill up quickly.  I am available to help your son or daughter begin the application process.  Please encourage him/her to set up a time with me so we can begin the process.  I usually like to encourage students to have their applications in by Thanksgiving.  The UW-Madison deadline for early admissions notice is November 1st.

The Wisconsin Technical Colleges have begun accepting applicationsStudents interested in applying to a Wisconsin Technical College can begin the application process and submit it.  If you student needs help with their application, please have them see me.

FREE ACT Test Prep website!

Whitehall High School also has an online ACT test prep called Method Test Prep.  All high school students have access to this program and if the program is completed in its entirety, the student has the possibility of increasing their ACT score by 1-6 points.  Please see Mrs. Eide for more information.

Western Technical College Representative-Mac Keil, the High School Relations Specialist from Western Technical College in La Crosse, will be in the counseling office the 4th Tuesday of every month from 9:00 to 12:00 to meet with any and all students who are interested in attending a technical college, a 2 year UW college or who is undecided about their future after high school.  If your son or daughter is interested in meeting with Mac, please have him/her see me as I will be making the appointment for Mac when she is here.  This will be a great opportunity for students to talk with a college specialist in our own building.

College Visits
Please note my calendar to see when representatives from different colleges will be visiting the high school.
As far as students visiting universities and colleges, I highly recommend they do so during the student's sophomore and junior year.  The students can also tour during their senior year, but touring that late may put extra pressure on the student to make a decision.  These visits can be scheduled on the prospective school's website.  If you would rather I schedule your visit, please contact me with a time and date and I happily schedule your visit for you! 

Middle School Study Skills!
1. Know your learning style 2. Find a quiet place to study 3. Know what to study/what the teacher expects 4. Make the best use of your study time... Plan your work...Work your plan 5. Break large assignments into smaller parts 6. Use class notes to help remeber key points 7. Listen actively and ASK QUESTIONS!

Middle School Self-Management Skills
1. Use an assignment notebook 2. Use folders and binders to organize school work by class/subject 3. Have phone #s of classmates for homework help 4. Keep your desk/locker organized so you can find your work! 5. Make the best use of in-class study time 6. Create a study plan and USE it! 7. Plan for after school activities

Middle School Test Taking Tips
1. Take appropriate materials to test 2. Keep your mind on the test 3. Pace yourself-answer easy questions first 4. Think positive thoughts/use relaxation techniques 5. Get a good night sleep the night before 6. Eat breakfast the morning of the test 7. When reviewing-change only the answers you KNOW are wrong! Trust your gut! 8. Read all the directions-looking for key words and phrases.