Welcome to Gockley Elementary School! 

2932 Zephyr Blvd.     Whitehall, PA 18052     610.433.7551

A Great Place to Start!

Gockley Elementary provides an educationally innovative, nurturing and warm setting for our Kindergarten and first grade family.

Gockley News Briefs

Kindergarten and First Grade Transfer Registrations 

The Whitehall-Coplay School District has implemented centralized registration for all incoming students. 

To register your child, please contact the Registration Office at 610-437-4780 x1014 to schedule an appointment and for further information. 

Central Registration is located at the Whitehall-Coplay School District Transportation Office.

Address/Contact Changes

   Please keep the school office informed of any changes in address or phone numbers that may occur during the year. 

If you move within the Whitehall-Coplay School district you must provide a new proof of residence. 

Please call the Registration Office at 610-437-4780 x1014 for the required documentation.

Safety Drills

   Safety Drills will be conducted during the course of the school year at the Gockley building. These drills will include fire drills, weather alert drills, and safety lockdown drills. The purpose of conducting these practice scenarios helps our students and staff prepare for possible emergency situations. The goal at Gockley Elementary School is to provide a safe environment that promotes learning for our students.