Announcements for Math Students in Grades 7-8

Algebra students begin solving equations through substitution and elimination immediately following the Christmas break.

A short review of basic geometric concepts will take place during the coming week or two.

Parents are reminded that they are able to track their student's daily assignments and test scores online through the Engrade program.

Link to algebra contract: Forms and Docs
Algebra ECA (Update 1-4-15):

The state of Indiana has made changes to the ECA (End of Course Assessment) program that is required for high school graduation.  This is the last year that the present ECA tests will be given.  This impacts White Creek in that since our eighth graders who would be taking the test are not yet in high school, passing the test would not be counted toward graduation requirements.  Due to this development and the fact that additional college-readiness components are being added to this year's test, White Creek will NOT be administering the algebra ECA this year.  --  Teacher recommendation and class grades will be forwarded to the high schools at the course's completion.