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Dr. Patsy Lewis
Instructor of: English

Contact Info
  • Phone: (706) 865-0727
  • Extention: 7109
  • Email: patsy.lewis@white.k12.ga.us


I began my career in education with White County High School in 1988. All of my teaching experience has been in the White County School System, and I can't imagine working any other place. Through the years, I have been fortunate to increase my knowledge through adding degrees and branching into other areas of education. After two years as Assistant Principal at WCMS, I am ready to return to my first love: the classroom. I am blessed to be working at the Ninth Grade Academy and White County High School. I have come full circle.

After all these years, I still love teaching and would do this job without pay because my payment comes from the wonderful students I have taught throughout the years. After 28 years of teaching in the same county, I am now teaching the children of people I taught early in my career. It is a very strange experience to be such a relic in an ever-changing field. I embrace every new opportunity to improve and become an even better teacher.

Many people refer to the job they do as just teaching. I do more than "just teach." I touch lives forever, and I make people believe that they can do anything. I plant seeds in the minds of bright, wonderful students and wait to see what blooms. I have the best profession in the world!


1996 - Future Educator Association Sponsor

1997 - Teacher of the Year for White County High School

2002 - Adjunct Professor at North Georgia College and State University

2004 - National Board Certified Teacher - AYA/ELA

2005 - Entered Georgia State Doctorate Program in Education Policy Studies

2006 - Presenter at the National Future Educators Association Conference in Atlanta, GA

2007 - Chosen as a member of the PSC Content Review panel

2007 - Graduation Coach at White County High School

2007 - Presented at the Graduation Coach Conference in Macon, Ga with Stacey Allen

2008 - Presented at the National Dropout Convention in Atlanta, GA

2008 - Passed comprehensive exams for doctorate

2009 - Became a teacher at White County Ninth Grade Academy

2009 - Became a substitute teacher at the Lumpkin Mountain Education Center High School

2010 - Became a Graduation Coach at the Lumpkin Mountain Education Center High School

2010 - Became assistant to Trilla Pruitt in the Curriculum Department of MEC

2011 - Became a site director (principal) at Lumpkin Mountain Education Center High School

2011 - Presented Prospectus Defense November 11, 2011 at 11:00 for Georgia State University

2011 - Chosen to represent the Ninth Grade Academy as Teacher of the Year

2012-2014 - Assistant Principal/Academic Coach WCMS

2013 - Complete Dissertation at Georgia State University

2014 - NGA and WCHS Teacher

2015 - Returned to the classroom at WCHS and NGA

2016 - Completed gifted certification

English 10 Honors 2016