W h i t f i e l d   N a t u r a l   T e x t i l e s
Whit-Tex, Inc.
Manufacturer Of Natural Underlay For Flooring

Welcome to a Greener Future

Whit-Tex, Inc. is dedicated to producing high performance materials that are environmentally sustainable for the flooring industry.  Our primary material is a blend of virgin wool and post-industrial, recycled wool fiber from the manufacturing of 100% wool carpets. The characteristics of wool fiber make it an ideal raw material for personal and environmental safety.  Wool is one of the best thermal insulating materials available and is non-flammable "by nature."  Wool has an incredible ability to absorb VOCs (formaldehyde, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide which all contribute to sick building syndrome) making it the ideal material for people with chemical sensitivities. Wool is a rapidly renewable source, as the sheep have to be clipped once a year.  It is biodegradable and adds nutrients and nitrogen to the soil as it decomposes.

P r o d u c t s


Whisper Wool TM

Premium Wool Acoustic Underlayment for Laminate & Hardwood

Roll Size 3' x 33.3' (100 square feet)

Provides Acoustic Insulation (IIC=60, STC=54)
R-Value = 0.65
Absorbs VOCs and Formaldehyde
Bio-Degradable, Rapidly Renewable Resource
Prevents Mold
Plastic Moisture Barrier
LEED Compliant

Premium Wool Carpet Pad -  24 & 36 ounces
Roll Size 6' x 45' = 30 square yards

All Natural and Sustainable
Absorbs odors, VOCs and Formaldehyde
Bio-Degradable, Rapidly Renewable Resource
Non-Flammable - Class I Fire Rating
Reduces Energy Costs
Prevents Mold
Superior Sound and Thermal Insulation Properties
LEED Compliant

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