Nau mai, Haere mai!
 Welcome to your Online Learning space :)

Throughout the year we'll be putting new information, videos and links on your class page.


There are links and resources above too that will help your learning too. 

As time goes on you'll have increased access to this space - where it will be more interactive and increasingly user friendly. 

The calendar has each and every lesson on it - with what we have/will cover in the future. At most it will be a week in advance so you'll know what we're covering. Of course, as you are well aware, a lot can happen in a lesson (sometimes not a lot...) so the lesson descriptions are not set in stone. We will learn what we need to as we need to. But it's always great to be pre-warned and aware of what's going on! Great to plan your upcoming assessments too!

My hope is that this will become a curated space between me and all of you - and anyone who is interested in being part of our learning processes. 

Have a look around!!

Adopt a growth mindset, be open to change and enjoy - because I have a feeling that this is going to be an awesome year. :)

- Miss L

P.S:  If you find any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors
 - please let me know!!