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Mental Health Services



Mental health and well being is about how we think and feel and our ability to manage day to day activities - which fluctuates over time and is influenced by many factors including housing, jobs, our caring responsibilities, being stressed (at work and or home), relationships, feeling isolated/lonely, friendships, money and other worries, illness & disability, alcohol or drugs, previous abuse and our general environment.

There are 5 main ways to boost your mental health and well being:

  • Connect and Link - keep in touch with friends and family, colleagues and wider community
  • Be Active - being active helps reduce mental and physical stress & promotes well being and doesn't need to be an actual sport as such
  • Take Notice - taking time to notice and appreciate things around you and savouring the moment promotes well being
  • Keep Learning - as well as being fun, trying something new and leaarning new skills helps build self confidence and is a good way to meet new people and improve your life skills at any age
  • Give - giving of yourself, by volunteering, joining a community group and simply sharing a chat or a smile with others is beneficial to mental well being and can reduce isolation.