Wester Hailes Health Agency has one clear and unequivocal purpose:


The Agency will seek to enable local people to take action that makes a positive impact on their own and their community’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.


In the pursuit of this purpose, the Agency will be guided by three operating principles.

  • A Holistic Approach -The Agency recognises that real health improvement can best be achieved through a holistic approach. This acknowledges that individual well-being depends on physical, emotional, social and environmental factors.
  • Community Development - The Agency will adopt an approach that is consistent with the principles of community development in terms of empowering people, both individually and collectively, to identify and address the issues that confront their lives.
  • Working in Partnership - The Agency acknowledges the importance of working collaboratively with voluntary and statutory services to ensure that awareness of health issues is integral to their activities.

The Organisation

The Wester Hailes Health Agency is a community led organisation that over the years has demonstrated a successful record in delivering Social capital Outcomes within Wester Hailes and wider South West Edinburgh. It has been making a positive impact on the lives of local residents since it was established in its current form in 1999 and is a significant valued resource. 


The legal structure of the Agency is that of a company limited by guarantee with charitable status. There are ten directors from the local community and two advisory representatives on the existing Board.



The operation of the Agency is carried out by salaried staff and sessional employees. The core staff complement consists of one manager, one development worker with a generic remit, one part time support services co-ordinator, one office manager, one part time finance worker. Over the last 4 years a physical activities co-ordinator has been employed and more recently a time bank/volunteer co-ordinator, walk development worker and a co-ordinator plus clinical lead for the Wester Haven Project are now currently in post. 


Healthy Living Centre

Because of the significant and valued role the Agency plays in tackling health inequalities in the community, NHS Lothian has agreed to provide accommodation in the new Wester Hailes Healthy Living Centre which is scheduled to open in summer 2013. This will enhance the working relations with the community health, social care and family support services which will also be based in the building. This is a very exciting opportunity for us and our staff and service users will be fully encouraged to contribute to the project on an ongoing basis.

The Centre is now going to be located on the 10 Acre site as part of a comprehensive regeneration development including new social housing. At the present time our two public sector partners, NHS Lothian and City of Edinburgh Council have taken up joint responsibility for the development.


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