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You love us, our Creole food and most of all want to make Seattle #1, right???

I heard a rumor that our WA competition Andrae is heading West to come

check us out. Time to represent!

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matt in front of food truck in seattle

 Where Ya At Matt Locations

Check us out in Eater (Seattle)!


"Where Ya At" is a phrase used in New Orleans to mean “how are you?” or “how are you doing?” It is also the name of the hippest, hottest, Food Truck in Seattle.

Where Ya At is bringing New Orleans street to the curbs of Seattle. Come taste a variety of Po-Boys, Muffulettas, Beignets, custom roast coffee and more!

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Food is our life and passion and nothing sums it up better than the New Orleans saying, "Most people eat to live but in New Orleans we live to eat!”

Where Ya At is founded by chef extraordinaire Matthew Lewis.