2016-17 Academic Year


The School Community Council (SCC) reviews, discusses and decides on school-related academic and financial matters that directly influence student achievement.

The council is comprised of representatives from six role groups: parents, students, teachers, administration, classified staff and the community.

Meetings are held every month to discuss school issues, budget and school policies.  Representatives vote collectively as a group; they represent the interests of all students, not just their role group.


 Date Time Location
8-Sept  2:30-3:30pm  School Office (Conference Room)
20-Oct  2:30-3:30pm  School Office (Conference Room)
17-Nov  2:30-3:30pm  School Office (Conference Room)
15-Dec  2:30-3:30pm  School Office (Conference Room)
12-Jan  2:30-3:30pm  School Office (Conference Room)
9-Feb  2:30-3:30pm  School Office (Conference Room)
9-Mar  2:30-3:30pm  School Office (Conference Room)
20-April  2:30-3:30pm  School Office (Conference Room)
11-May  2:30-3:30pm  School Office (Conference Room)

Please join us at the next monthly SCC meeting.

YOU are an important part of the Wheeler community!

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Council Members

 Position  Name
  Chairperson  /  Teacher  Amanda Langston
  Principal  Troy Tamura
  Co-chairperson  /  Teacher  Sandra Dolbin
  Parent Representative  
  School Staff  Shelby Joseph
  Student Council Representative  Gabriella Gonzales
  Community Member  Wendy Nakasone
  Parent Representative  

Contact us!
Send your ideas and suggestions for improving academics and student performance to:  scc@wheeler.k12.hi.us