Missouri Course Access Program (MOCAP)

The Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program (MOCAP) has developed a catalog of virtual online courses for students. Students and families that are interested in virtual coursework should contact the student’s school counselor and inquire about the Missouri Course Access Program.

A student is eligible to enroll in a course through the district if the student resides in and is enrolled in the district full-time, and the student attended a public or charter school at least one semester immediately prior to enrolling in the MOCAP course. Students will be allowed to enroll in MOCAP courses if it is determined by the principal and/or counselor that this method of learning is in the best educational interest of the student. If it is determined that MOCAP is not in the best educational interest of the student, they will be denied enrollment. The student and his/her guardian will have the option to appeal to the Board of Education for reconsideration.

Enrollment for MOCAP courses will take place during the normal school enrollment period prior to the first day of the semester. Request forms for virtual courses will not be accepted after the start of the semester.

For more information, please visit and refer to the attached Policy/Regulation:

MCE Board Policy 6190

MCE Board Regulation 6190

Virtual Education Board Policy and Regulation

MCE Board Policy 6190.pdf
MCE Board Regulation 6190.pdf