Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements:

  • 4 units of Language Arts--must include English I, II and III
  • 3 units of Math--must include Algebra I or Applied Math and then Algebra I
  • 3 units of Science--must include Physical Science, Introduction to Chemistry and Biology I
  • 3 units of Social Studies--must include American History and Government (which includes passing the Missouri and United States Constitution Tests)
  • 1 unit of Fine Art--choice of Art of Music courses
  • 1 unit of Practical Art--choice of Ag or Business courses
  • 1 unit of Physical Education
  • .5 unit of Health
  • .5 unit of Keyboarding
  • .5 unit of Personal Finance
  • 7.5 units of electives--which are courses taken above the required courses (including ACT Prep)

25 total credits to graduate

*Please keep in mind: If you plan to attend a four year university, you will need Algebra II.