WHEA Accreditation SY 2016-2017

West Hawai’i Explorations Academy - PCS

WHEA’s Vision

Students become productive and responsible practitioners of collaboration and stewardship, evolving into lifelong critical thinkers who are confident in their ability to solve complex, real world problems.

WHEA’s Mission

To facilitate authentic learning through integrative, hands-on, self-selected projects related to real world challenges.

Action Plan Goals

  • Improve student achievement in math in all grade levels.

  • Improve student achievement in science in all grade levels.

  • Continue to develop & align the M.S. PBL curriculum within & between the Middle & High schools.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The School Profile 

The Self-Study Process 

Progress Report 

Independent School Dashboard: Critical Data for School Improvement 

Reference Materials to Accompany the Self-Study 

Section I: Institutional Core Values, Purpose, and Aspirations 

1. Mission 

Section II: Teaching and Learning 

2. Educational Program 

3. The Student Learning Experience 

4. Faculty and Pedagogy 

5. Climate and Community 

Section III: Financial Sustainability 

8. Admissions and Enrollment 

9. Finance 

10. Advancement 

Section IV: Operations 

11. Human Resources 

12. Facilities: Buildings and Grounds 

13. Health, Safety, and Wellness 

Section V: Institutional Stewardship and Leadership 

14. Governance 

15. Administration 

Section VI: Institutional Improvement and Sustainability 

16. Self-Assessment, Decision-Making, and Change 

17. Summary: Self-Study Findings And Conclusions 

18. Future Planning Document


A1. Calendar

A2. Additional Photos and Videos

A3. Recent Survey Results

A4. High School Curriculum Data

A5. Curriculum Maps