We are pleased and excited to announce the launch this fall of the Westhampton Beach High School Writing Studio.  Writing centers have become a mainstay of college campuses across the nation. We are proud to be one of the few high school campuses able to offer students this opportunity to better use writing in all disciplines as a tool for learning, critical thinking, communication, and success. 

The Writing Studio welcomes all members of the high school community to work on and discuss any type of writing project at any stage of the writing process, i.e. understanding the task, organization, revision, editing, etc.  The studio will be open during the four lunch periods and staffed by English teachers, trained to conduct focused and intensive one-to-one writing conferences. 

Here are a few of the transformative effects that writing centers generate because of the one-to-one teaching and learning dynamic:

   Improved retention, completion, and performance in reading and writing.

   Better relationships and enhanced communication between and among all members of and stakeholders in the institution.

    Increased opportunities to meet the needs of individual students and diversified student bodies, especially those at risk.

In addition to personalized instruction, students of writing will have access to many writing instruction resources, available at the Studio and on its website. This is a terrific addition to our school’s already excellent academic environment.