All groups will be researching one concept relating to the play, The Crucible.  The topics include:
  • The Puritans
  • The Salem Witch Trials
  • The Protestant Reformation
  • Religion
  • Arthur Miller
  • McCarthyism
  • All members of the group must take an active role in the project. ┬áThis includes the research, the presentation, and the delivery.
  • You must answer all of the questions for your assignment
  • Presentations should be approximately five minutes in length.
  • Your presentation will be graded on the following: Content, Organization, Creativity, and Delivery.
  • While other groups are presenting, you will be taking notes. Pay very close attention because there will be a quiz!!
  • Your group project will count as one test grade.
Presentation Suggestions
  • Power Point
  • Laptop Activity
  • Video (Newscast, TV commercial, Public Service Announcement, Interview)
  • Poster with graphics and written information
  • Newspaper or magazine article
  • Brochure