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Teacher Resource and Computer Training Center Program

In 1984, the New York State Legislature established Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers through Education Law 316.  Commissioner’s Regulation Part 81 provides further program guidance.  Program and funding expansion through the years supports this $10,200,000 statewide professional development network of 126 Teacher Centers that serve over 659 public school districts, 34 BOCES and over 1000 non-public and charter schools.

An End of Year Report is prepared for the Governor and State Legislative leadership that provides extensive program documentation.  Oversight for the Teacher Center grant application process and program is provided by the Program Office and the State Professional Standards and Practices Board for Teaching, an advisory committee to the Commissioner of Education.

Teacher Centers provide professional development to over 267,000 teachers, over 41,000 teaching assistants and large numbers of school administrators, educators from higher education and community members on a wide variety of topics related to the NYS Learning Standards and school improvement.  Teacher Centers provide direct assistance with the development and training of school districts’ Professional Development Planning Committees and mentoring programs that are required under Commissioner Regulations 100.2 (dd).  A brief summary of the number of teacher and administrator program participants and the types of professional development programs each year include: over 17,000 participants in college courses, over 128,000 in mentoring/ coaching, over 210,000 in workshops/courses, over 49,000 in superintendent conference days, over 50,000 in conferences, and over 32,000 participants in professional study groups. 

A brief summary of the number of teacher and administrator participants each year in various  professional development topic areas include: over 54, 000 participants in technology, over 100,000 in school community initiatives, over 150,000 in instructional strategies, over 45,000 in State and national initiatives including training on Thinkfinity web-based resources and lessons on the Department’s Virtual Learning Space, over 40,000 in curriculum development, over 325,000 in professional support, over 30,000 in special populations, over 13,000 in societal issues, over 34,000 in comprehensive planning and planning for required Professional Development Plans and Mentoring Plans, and over 25,000 participants in programs on other topic areas.

In addition to the work of the over 80 single district and nearly 40 multi-district Teacher Centers, the Centers are organized in seven Regional Networks that provide support and mentoring for Center Directors and Policy Board members.  Sub- Committees provide program support: Technology training and a web based message board system for daily communication with the SED Program Office and all Teacher Centers, Higher Education linkages, Public Relations, Program and Planning for three statewide program conferences, and a Steering Committee that oversees all organized events.

The three statewide projects include: Regents Review Live, a public broadcasting system television call-in program for student review prior to Regents examinations;, a turnkey training program to provide web-based classroom resources and lessons searchable by NYS Learning Standard, Key Idea, and/or Performance Indicator; and a Leadership Academy for preparing Teacher Center Directors and Policy Board members to assume leadership positions in administration of professional development.  Agreements with professional development programs from Intel, Dell, Verizon and other technology companies provide additional program support.  In-kind and outside program support doubles the total legislative appropriation for the statewide Teacher Center program.

Additional information on the Teacher Center program can be found at: , or contact Teacher Center Program Office at room 5N-EB, New York State Education Department, Albany, NY 12234, or call 518-486-3611.

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