Course Description

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In this course, students learn to take artistic digital photos. They will analyze photos they have taken prior to the course and discuss if they fulfill criteria to be seen as art. Several theories of artistic expression will be discussed. Rules of composition, light, exposure, colors, etc. will be reflected on. In a second step the students will develop the competence to alter their digital photos with a program like "Adobe Photoshop". They will be able to change the expression of their photos, combine different shots, creating their personal piece of art. As a final product students will create a portfolio with about 5 photos including detailed descriptions of their work.

Course Learning Goals

Depending on the competences you are signed up for, after completing this course, you will be able to:

define and analyze a creative process, defining the concept of creativity and describing the components of a creative process in the field of digital photography explain how engaging in a creative process affects your perception of the world define indicators of artistic expression and reflect on the elements necessary to consider a photo a form of artistic expression.

analyze digital photos in terms of their artistic style and expression create artistic digital photos and alter it electronically using computer sofware discuss the process of creation of an original work of art using a digital camera and specific software demonstrate technical ability in taking digital photos, discussing concepts, themes, or ideas expressed through this medium and the limits and possibilities of this technology.